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Ivan Moreira proposes "curfew" for September 11

"Do not fear the curfew, it is a way of protecting citizens and does not signal a return to military rule," said the UDI Rep.

The UDI Deputy Ivan Moreira, proposed the government to evaluate the option of imposing a curfew, to prevent possible violence on the commemoration of Sept. 11.

"It is not fanciful to argue that the tenor of the violence which could occur that day, the government (...) is required to assess, depending on the acts on that day, the possibility of a curfew," said the parliamentarian.

On his proposal, Moreira affirmed that, "We must not fear the curfew, it is a way of protecting citizens and that does not signify a return to military rule. In addition, the deputy criticized La Concertacion, which in his view, for 20 years has been "unable to suppress (the acts of violence) and protect those sectors which are most vulnerable" during such activities.

Regarding the particular date, Moreira insisted that "would not surprise me that the government has to evaluate a curfew," because in its view this commemoration is "The Fiestas Patrias [Chilean indepence celebration on the 18 of September] of murderers, criminals, extremists and violent sectors of the left."

SOURCE Another translation by me from Spanish.

I thought this was relevent with Pinera's election. Ahh, so much fail here I don't even know where to start. Ivan Moreira = the guy who wanted a Pinochet statue at La Moneda right across from the one of Allende. So yeah, he's already a pretty classy dude :/ And the UDI = the Teabaggers of Chile. But scarier.
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