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Won't Someone Think Of The Children~

According to the census, in 2008, same-sex couples were raising close to 250,000 children. Today's NY Times takes a look at the growing numbers of kids helping to redefine the term "family values."

In a well-reported piece (placed in the, uh, Fashion & Style section of the paper), Sarah Wildman explains how more and more children are stepping to the forefront of the debate over same sex marriage. Some, like ten year old Kasey Nicholson-McFadden, make their stances clear:

"It doesn't bother me to tell kids my parents are gay," he said in a clear voice. "It does bother me to say they aren't married. It makes me feel that our family is less than their family."

Marriage rights activists are starting to involve the children of same sex partnerships more and more, to counter the rhetoric from organizations that believe marriage as an institution should be about heterosexual procreation and nothing more.

Supporters for initiatives like Proposition 8 argue that "society is not forcing same-sex couples to raise children" - in essence, that these children should not be extended the same courtesy and societal protections of children who are the progeny of heterosexual unions.

"The real question is whether same-sex relationships benefit children to the same extent that living with a married mother and father does, and we believe they do not," said Peter S. Sprigg, senior fellow for policy studies at the Family Research Council, the conservative Christian organization. "Children do best when raised by their own biological mother and father who are committed to one another in a lifelong marriage."

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