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More post-election derechista douchebaggery from Chile

Jovino Novoa (UDI) believes it is fit to close Human Rights trials

In an interview with Radio Bio Bio, and asked about the possibility of abolishing the Amnesty Act, the president of the Senate, expressed his refusal to keep open processes concerning crimes that occurred during the military regime.

The law, which prohibits the prosecution of some individuals involved in abuses that occurred during the military dictatorship, is against international rules.

"After thirty years, the processes remain open without an end result that satisfies neither the interests of justice nor the interests of victims. And somehow, it also harms the image of the institutions." Said the parliamentarian, who said he does not believe that the slow pace of the investigations are due to the amnesty law.

Lorena Pizarro, president of the Association of Relatives of Disappeared Detainees protested against the statements of the senator, arguing that although throughout the years, they will continue to demand the punishment of individuals who were responsible for human rights violations.

SOURCE in Spanish

This dude is another Pinochetista UDI douche. I hate that these people are gonna hold important positions in the government now. Fuck. Also, LJ just screwed up my html so I'm trying this again.


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