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Prop 8 Trial today. Dr.Tam: The crazy is here and it had teh Internet.

Boies (plaintiffs): But you believe that homosexuals are 12 times more likely to molest children?
Dr. Tam (Defendents): Yes, it says it here
B: Where did you read it, in a journal or a book
T: Could be something I read

B: (Angry now) I am asking you not what you could have read, but what you read?
T: Don’t recall
B: Was it a book?
T: Don’t recall
B: Was it an article?
T: Don’t recall
B: WHO WROTE IT? (angry now)
T: I don’t remember


I was off the Internets for most of today. Upon reading the testimony of Dr. Tam  today, I had to walk around take a breath take a drink take a walk cry scream laugh and then well- repeat.

Today We heard from one of the most ignorant bigoted minds behind the Prop 8 campaign, Dr. Tam Prop 8 used this man to motivate a large base of conservative voters and now is trying to disown him in the same way that politicians use the local crazy fundy fucker to stir up all their base- but then disown him after he sees Jesus in his soup and  moons a tv reporter - or  something.  If Dr. Tam had claimed he saw Jesus in his soup and mooned the whole courtroom he would have presented a more reliable testimony that was her presented today. Dr Tam was torn to shreds by the Plaintiff's atty.  There are many many many moments in today's hearing that were EPIC INTERNET LUZwtfIdon'teven WHAT THE HELL.. etc. I will settle with posting Prop8's summary, but seriously- please please  Take THE TIME TO GO to the link and READ THIS TESTIMONY.  I can't even begin to tell you how Awesome Boies was for our side, how laughable this idiot was and how outraged i  am that little idiots like this can affect the lives of so many people in CA and the country.

What disgust I have in reading this testimony is tempered by the absolute gratitude I feel for the fact that we get to see this man on the stand and see his "views" put throught the ringer.  Also making an appearance was the epically lolz "A Storm Coming" commercial.

Just few of the many fine moments in the court room today..


B: (pauses to collect himself) Turn to PX513. This is something that you wrote during the campaign for Prop 8, correct?
T: Yes
B: The heading is WHAT IF WE LOSE. correct?
T: Yes
B: Meaning what if prop 8 doesn’t pass?
T: Yes

B: You write, "They will lose no time pushing the gay agenda"
T: Yes
B: You write: "The SF Govt under rule of homosexuals."
T: Yes
B: Who were these homosexuals?
T: Tom Ammiano was a supervisor
B: Was the mayor a homosexual?
T: I don’t believe so?

B: So why did you say that?
T: Well, Gavin Newsom married them, he must be their freind

B: So you mean that SF was under the rule of heterosexauls who were friends with homosexuals?
T: You are using your legal words to try to change my original intent.


B: But it didn’t have anything to do with Prop 8. You knew Prop 8 and Prop K were unrelated, right?
T: Yes
B: But you wrote that they were connected?
T: Yes
B: Then you wrote that next on "their agenda was legalizing sex with children." That’s what you wrote to get people to vote for Prop 8.
T: Yes I wrote that.  May I comment?
B: Usually people say you have to wait for your lawyer, but go ahead.

T: When I look at countries in Europe and in Canada, they have their legal age of consent down to 14 or 13 years old. To me those is very unacceptable, that is having sex with children, or oldelr child having sex with younger child. And Canada was a country that legalized same sex marriage. It is a liberal trend.

B: Are you finished?
T: yes
B: But Prop 8 had nothing to do with sex with children
T: No

B: You could have written that in the 14 words but you didn’t did you?
T: No

B: Canada did it lower the age when it legalized same sex marriage?
T: I don’t know
B: You don’t have any reason to believe that allowing same sex marriage would change the age of consent in any way?
T: Not directly, no

B: You go on to say that one by one if Prop 8 fails, other states will fall into satan’s hands.
T: Yes
B: and by falling into satans hands, you mean allowing gays & lesbians to marry
T: yes


B: The last bullet point says Prop 8 protects against social moral decay
T: Yes
B: What is the social moral decay being protected against?
T: Homosexuality, sex between two persons of the same sex, is a sin.

B: And you were saying is that society would be protected against that
T: What they meant…
B: They? Or you?
T: Well I agree, so I guess they is me.
B: So you wrote this?
T: What it means that if same sex marriage is legal, that would encourage children to explore same sex partners for marriage. Asians and Christians view this is as social moral decay. { CAN I JUST FUCK THIS GUY FOR SPEAKING FOR 'ALL' ASIANS?}

B: This next page is more explicit about social moral decay, where it says not a civil right, compares to pedophilia, polygamy and incest. Do you believe that?
T: Yes I do
B You were telling people to vote for Prop 8 for these reasons?
T: Yes we were

B: Countries with same sex marriage saw amazing moral decline? INcrease in polygamy and incest in the Netherlands.
T: Yes
B: Netherlands legalized polygamy?
T: Shows the moral decay of a liberal country, in their views of sex

B:You say here that the Netherlands legalized polygamy and incest after legalizing same sex marriage?
T: Yes
B: Who told you that? {wait for it.... wait for it....}

T: The internet
B: The internet?
T: Yes

B: Somewhere out in the internet, it says the Netherlands legalized polgygamy andincest?
T: I did not write that, someone else found it.
B:And you believed it?
T: It was in the document, so I thought it was true.

B: Did you ever find something that said it was true?
T: Yes
B: So somewhere it says polgygamy and incest were legalized after same sex marriage?

T: Maybe not incest
B: Wait, it says incest here
T: Not in this document

B: But it says that right here
T: No it says that if a country is so liberal then there will be moral and socil decay.

B: Sweden accepted same sex unions in 1994, traditional marriage is no longer valid.
T: Yes
B: But those a re civil unions not marriage, and you support civil unions.
T: Well I said I support domestic partnerships.
B: Two minutes ago you said you support civil unions.
T: Well I don’t know the difference

B: What is the difference?
T: Seems closer to marriage, DP does.
B: Because of the name?
T: WEll yes.

B: But DP are the same as marriage except for the name?
T: Yes
B: they are exactly the same as the marriage except for the word?
T: Yes
B: So you believe pedophilia and incest will happen?

T: If this is a civil right, why won’t these other groups ask for marriage for incest or pedophilia?

B: Right now, can people of any age or relationship become domestic partners? A man and a ten year old girl? A man and his sister?
T: No
B: Domestic partnerships are limited to people of a certain age andrelationshp?
T: Yes, that’s why I support it.
B: So having domestic partnerships don;t mean incest and pedolphilaa?

T: Ah, I see your logic now.

B: Yes, do you see what I mean?
T Yes I do (goes on about evils of incest…)

{I can't even continue... just go to the sources listed above, read , copy paste what you find.  I can't even...}


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