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The Twilight Rapist and no the cops don't think he is a vampire

Perry creates task force to find ‘Twilight Rapist'
By Peter J Holley - Express-News

A year after the first known assault, Gov. Rick Perry requested Thursday that the Texas Department of Public Safety establish a multi-jurisdictional major crime task force to help local law enforcement agencies catch a violent serial rapist who targets elderly women.

Using DNA evidence, authorities linked the “Twilight Rapist” to eight sexual assaults or attempted sexual assaults, and four burglaries or attempted burglaries in small towns across South and Central Texas. The victims, mostly widows who lived alone, ranged in age from 65 to 91. Authorities dubbed the suspect the “Twilight Rapist” because of his early-morning attacks that often took place in the dark.

“The viciousness of these attacks warrants a combined effort to bring this criminal to justice,” said Gov. Perry. “The creation of this task force will leverage our state's law enforcement personnel, in coordination with local law enforcement, to bring an end to this heinous crime spree.”

In a press release, the governor asked DPS to make all its resources, including the Texas Rangers, available to assist in capturing the suspect. Authorities, however, acknowledged as early as last fall that the Texas Rangers were involved in much of the investigation's day-to-day operations.

The suspect was described as a thin, young and dark-skinned man between 5 ½- and 6-feet tall. While DNA linked the suspect to several crimes, no specific suspect was identified in the state DNA database. The most recent attack occurred Nov. 24 in Luling, an hour's drive east of San Antonio. The victim told officials she awoke with the man's hand over her nose and mouth around 4 a.m. Authorities released a photo Jan. 4 of an ornate wall clock taken from a Leon County home in September in hopes that the image would jog someone's memory and lead to the arrest of the suspect.

I heard about this guy months ago when New Moon came out in theatres and remember laughing at the name the cops gave the guy.

I don't think I live within his target zone. Luling is close in Texas distance but it's still over an hour's drive away. Not to mention I'm too young for him.

Sadly, I don't think they will ever catch this guy. He just hits in too many areas across the state. And have you seen our state? It's fucking huge.

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