Tiramisu (msloserrific) wrote in ontd_political,

Haiti Donation Roll Call!

Our total so far...(I'm counting every page)

approximately $7,858.94!!

(That's about 316,888.02 Haitian Gourdes!!!!)

which according to unicef, we have provided about:
1,159,306 water purifying tablets, so the people have clean water
97,373 packets of oral rehydration salts to help save the lives of people suffering from diarrheal dehydration due to drinking contaminated water
16 handpumps to provide an entire community with safe drinking water
13 tons of high-protein porridge like mix to provide crucial nutrition in this time of emergency

That's so awesome you guys!

I thought this was really cool, so I decided to bring this over to ONTD_P, if the mods are cool with it.

As we all know, Haiti needs all of the support it can get, and I think all of the outpouring of support from the various people in this community (and in other places all over) has been nothing short of amazing.

lj user rockinrachell has posted an LJ entry here where she is adding up everyone's donations who are affiliated with ONTD (previously the original ONTD community, but now ontd_ai and ontd_startrek have joined in)

So far, ONTD members have reportedly donated over 85,00093,000 dollars!!

It's really fantastic what we, the members of livejournal communities, are capable of.

While no one is obligated to report how much they have donated, if you have not commented in that post (or the original thread that appeared in a different ONTD entry), feel free to comment either in this post (so we can see how much we donated as a community!) or comment in the original post, linked above.

Websites to donate: (c&p'ed from the original entry)
Canadian? http://canadaforhaiti.com The Canadian government will match your donation
http://www.charitynavigator.org - you can see the legitimacy of the charities you're donating to
http://www.aspca.org/news/help-the-animals-of-haiti.html - to help the animals!
http://www.etsy.com/shop/HeartsforHaiti - if you like etsy
http://www.redcrossblood.org/make-donation - DONATE BLOOD
http://www.wspa-international.org/ - for more animal lovers
http://www.businessweek.com/news/2010-01-21/early-tax-deduction-for-haiti-relief-passes-congress-update3-.html - Find out information on receiving a tax deduction from your charitable donations thanks, baked_goldfish!
https://store.causecast.org/huffingtonpost - Huffington Post Haiti store, working with UNICEF thanks, cookiesauce!
Art Auction Benefiting Doctors Without Borders thanks, _sockmonk_!
Evolutionary Distinct and Globally Endangered thanks, fenris_lorsrai!

and if you cant donate right now:

Call to Donate:
USA & Canada 1-877-99-HAITI
International +1 773 360 0205

Text to Donate:
USA: HAITI to 90999 = $10
Canada: REDCROSS to 30333 = $5

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