b (perfectisafault) wrote in ontd_political,

Chile's Billy Carter?

Every world leader, it seems, has that one member of the family he'd rather not see getting too much press. Jimmy Carter had Billy. Hamid Karzai has Ahmad Wali. Bill Clinton had Roger.

Behold, Miguel "El Negro" Piñera, the brother of Chile's new president:

I managed to get this iPhone shot of Miguel, a night-club owner, respected musician, and notorious party animal, at Sebastian Piñera's victory party Sunday in Santiago. Let's just say that, among the well-heeled crowd dressed in a seeming uniform of khaki pants and pastel-colored polo shirts, Miguel stood out. Here he is at an earlier event, enthusiastically receiving what is apparently some kind of traditional Chilean dessert:

The cake, a gift from his niece, reads: "Enjoy yourself." You can Google his wife, Argentine former model Belén Hidalgo if you wish -- but I suggest you do so on your own time.

LOLOLOL I've been saying this forever (Negro Pinera = Billy Carter of Chile). Nice to see my observations getting publicity xD
Also, por favor, read the comments. They are hilarious (the ones that talk about how fuckin dysfunctional the Pinera family is)
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