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VP’s Office: Biden Was Talking About Ted Kaufman, not Beau Biden

An update to this post:

The vice president’s office contacted ABC News to say that Vice President Joe Biden was talking about convincing his interim replacement, Sen. Ted Kaufman, D-Del., to run for a full term -- not, as the News Journal reported, his son, Beau.

A spokeswoman for the vice president provided this transcript of the conversation, and played me the audio of the vice president’s end of the conversation. The audio confirms the transcript below:

VP to Harry Themal: Always a pleasure of seeing you buddy. Talk Ted into running, if Beau doesn’t. Talk him into running – he respects you. I wish I had the power of appointing Senators. I’d appoint him from Maryland if he wouldn’t do Delaware.

Harry Themal: "I don't think he wants to run, though."

VP: No I don’t think he does either. I know he doesn’t. I’m so proud of the job he’s done. God.

Harry: Would you campaign for him?

VP: Oh hell yeah, man. I tell you what – I was joking if Beau didn’t run – I told him I’d give him my 6th-born grandchild. And you know, he said ‘I have enough of those.’ Alright, buddy, thanks. (Call ends).


That would explain the grandchild comment.

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