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At least closure is better than absolutely no information at all :(

11 Desaparecidos from La Moneda in 1973 have been found and identified

Among those recognized were colleagues of Salvador Allende, Enrique Paris Roa and Hector Pinchiera Nuñez, and nine members of GAP. Names of the victims appeared on the list of those "thrown overboard" in Army report to the Roundtable.

The remains of 11 desaparecidos (disappeared prisoners) arrested the day of the coup at the La Moneda presidential palace, were definitively identified by the Medical Legal Service (SML) in collaboration with the genetics laboratory of Innsbruck in Austria.

The information was submitted today to the families by the Director of SML, Dr. Patricio Bustos, who previously had delivered the report to Judge Juan Fuentes Belmar, who presides over the case of the missing from the presidential palace.

The identities: Henry Paris Roa (40 at the time of his arrest), Héctor Pincheira Nuñez (28), Oscar Lagos Rios (21), Julio Moreno Pulgar (24), Julio Tapia Martinez (24), Hector Molina Urrutia (22), Juan Vargas Contreras (23), Oscar Aviles Jofre (28), Jaime Sotelo Ojeda (33), Manuel Castro Zamorano (23) and Luis Rodriguez Riquelme.

From this list, Paris and Pincheira were advisers to President Salvador Allende and the rest were members of the security (GAP - Groupos de Amigos Personales) of the president. The identities of Lagos, Moreno Vargas Tapia appeared on the list of those "thrown overboard" in the report on the fate of 200 missing detainees which was delivered to the Army in January 2001 after the Bureau of Human Rights held a dialogue in 2000.

On 11 September 1973 about 40 people in and around the palace were arrested, most of them colleagues and members of the GAP of Allende. The detainees were taken to the Tacna Regiment, whose commander was then Colonel Joaquin Ramirez Pineda, and two days later, about 20 of the prisoners were taken in two trucks. Those arrested were taken to Peldehue training camp, north of Santiago, where they were killed.

The then lieutenant of the Tacna regiment, Jorge Herrera Lopez, was charged with firing the gun with which the executed prisoners were killed with and killing them one by one, as he told La Nación Sunday in December 2002. The bodies were thrown into a dry well, about 10 meters deep, which was then blown up to cover the bodies.

Around Christmas 1978, a detachment of the Tacna regiment, commanded by Colonel Hernan Varas Canales, dug the well and placed the bodies in bags and threw them into the sea on board a Puma helicopter of Army Aviation Command, who was then led by Colonel Fernando Darrigrandi Marquez.

The exhumation was part of "Operation Retiro de Televisores", which went on throughout the country to unearth the bodies of murdered prisoners who were buried in unmarked graves, and throw them into the sea or incinerate them, as in some southern regiments. The order was given by dictator Augusto Pinochet through a cryptogram of the commander in chief sent to every regiment in the country in late 1978.

In the summer of 2001, Judge Amanda Valdovinos Peldehue inspected the place and found the pit where the bodies were unearthed. From there, with the work of a backhoe, about 500 pieces of bone were removed.

The information was provided on condition of anonymity in said dialogue table, but did not correspond to where the wreckage was finally found.

For the unearthing, nine officers and NCOs (R) were sentenced to 270 days in jail each, with probation.

There are no words for this kind of horror. Just :'( and D:
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