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Do you have the cliff notes re: Teh Gay Mafia? U2 can testify for Prop8!

I did not do any prop8 trial posting last Friday cause I was away - you know- working (as one of those who are lucky enough to still have a job I don't take it for granted.) Tonight however I was able to catch the summaries and I will share a few bits.  Sometimes I feel like I should be wearing a read and gold blazer and holding a megaphone to present this stuff. This is a circus. Not a Barnum & Bailey so much as the kind of a kind of flea circus from an episode of Tom and Gerry.  The defendant’s witness is attempting to jump through hoops and clearly failing. He claimed to be an expert but much of what he’s being questioned on he hasn’t even studied until six- weeks before today.  Bois, for our side (and I say "our" because if your actually FOR prop 8 - I disown you from all literal humanity), rightfully rips this guy a new one. The testimony + commentary by the loyal and hard working live-blogger's over at prop8trialtracker and  is all very much history +  Luz. Please do check them out today. Give them some props.

First off, the two teams spent much of the time this morning dealing with document issues because the Defense has waited till the very last minute to introduce HUNDREDS of documents into evidence ( if that doesn't seem like cheating... ) The Plaintiffs "rested" of sorts, but only inasmuch as they can re-open after they have time to actually read the HUNDREDS of documents the Defense pooped out into their inbox right before the legal buzzer. 

Today brought us Dr Kenneth Miller which D-I (Defense) Thompson would like to present  as an "expert" on the political power of gays and lesbians.  The definition of Political Power is important because the defense would very much like ot make the case that TEH GAYS, and their agenda /mafia/ pedophilia marketing pyramid scheme cartel are powerful political entity and do not need to be protected by the courts (Cry Majority Martyrs! Crrrryyyyyy! ) Remember  we have Ellen, Will and Grace, those gay cowboys, NPR, Jeeves and Wooster... (I just threw those last two in for good measure, I'm sure Fry and Laurie on our side.) We, Teh Gays, are powerful and threatening. 

But Mr Boies (our side) says, um not so much,  and he does a Voir Dire (examines the witness) to determine if he knows his stuff. Yes,  even this is amusing.  {excerpt from p8tt ... my own comments in '{... }'  transcribers' words in ' [... ]' }

Thompson: Tender witness as expert on CA politics and American politics.
Boies: Although I think I would not dispute that expert in some aspects in that broad field, concerned he may be asked to opine on political power of gays and lesbians which is beyond his expertise. Court to proffer his expertise. If it’s within his scope, okay. If not, we’d like to voir dire.
T: Certainly expert in gays and lesbians.
Judge Walker: Would you like to voir dire?
B: Good afternoon….
J: Still morning.
B: Have you written any peer reviewed articles on the power of gays and lesbians?
Miller: Depends upon your definition?
B: Of what?
M: Of power of gays and lesbians. I’ve written that French article. {Oh ..Oui! that one.. it's french, that's expert right?}
B: Other than that French article as you referred to it, have you written any other peer reviewed articles about power of g and l?
M: No.
B: You wrote about political power of gays and lesbians.
M: Yes.
B: You showed that gays and lesbians do not have political power?
M: No. They ran a good campaign against Prop. 8. {If by "good" you mean loosing ... well yeah- jack ass. }
B: Other than the fact that gays and lesbians campaigned against Prop. 8 and lost, did you conclude otherwise about power of gays and lesbians?
M: Well, I showed that they got support of Obama and their coalition.  {Obama has a coalition for the gays? - wait what?}
B: Other than this article, have you done any scientific research on the pol power of gays and lesbians?
M: I wrote on Prop. 22. Showed that gays and lesbians have power. Central issue of case.  
B: Anything else?
M: In my book, which was, peer reviewed.
B: Do you show anything else about political power of gays and lesbians?
M: Yes, I conclude that through outcome of ballot measures I see that gays and lesbians have politcal power.
B: Are you an expert on whether gays and lesbians experience discrimination today?
M: Yes.
B: Are you an expert on whether gays and lesbians in last 50 years?
M: I have written on it before and in course of reviewing for this case I think I could write an article on this now. Not 50 years ago. { because -'uh, no but I could if I wanted to ...i think' is an appropriate answer REALLY? REALLY! }
B: What would you say are the most important academic articles on discrimination of gay and l today?
M: My work on legal. Prof. Estrich, Susan Lezzy and one other. {heh heh he said Lezzy- wait, is that a pseudonym?}
B: You’d recognize them as important scholars on whose work you would rely?
M: Yes.
M: I’m not holding myself out as an expert of the full history of the gay and lesbian rights movement. Know trajectory. Deeper knowledge on 1970s forward.

B: At your depo not aware of what Mattachine Society was.

M: Yes, I did some research and found out that it was founded by Harry Hay in 1950.
B: Role in 1970s period in which you say an expert.
M: Yes.
B: But you did not know about them when you wrote your report?
 M: Yes.  {HE crammed for the trial... ok? GAHD like , I was told there would be multiple choice okay?}
B: In depo you were not aware of general social survey?
M: No, but now know.
B: You did not know who Alan Speer or Elaine Goldman were and that they were elected as first openly gay in 1976 and 9175 respectively?
M: No. I did not know and do not. Know some were elected in1970s.
B: We object to his testimony as expert out of area of initiatives. He does not even know the key facts.
Judge Walker: Seems to me that his knowledge of American politics is undisputed. Important to keep him in his testimony of political power of g and l. I don’t understand that defendant are offering him history of discrimination. I’ll admit that testimony as it is brought out (with respect to minority groups in CA and American politics.)

[Boies made him very, very nervous, FYI. Kind of fun.] {linky}

{I will post more excerpts as I come across them.... }
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