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Take care of yourself women! And by 'yourself', we mean the baby that we hope is inside you.

(Poster's note: I can't seem to get the videos to embed from work, sorry! But they're all available at the source.)

In a Louisiana Department of Health ad, a man dressed as "Sammy the Stork" warns women to take better care of their health. Not for their own benefit really, but because they could be pregnant and not know it.

The ad above is part of the "Stork Reality" campaign, which is funded by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospital's Partners for Healthy Babies program. According to the website, the program was started in the 1990s because about 10 percent of all babies in Louisiana had a low birth weight and many died in infancy. While certainly the state health department should be working to reduce the infant mortality rate, the Stork Reality program's approach is bizarre. "Healthy pregnancy" isn't the first thing that springs to mind when you see a giant stork complaining next to a pond full of ducks. As AdRants points out, "The importance of the message (which is very important) is lost on the ridiculousness of the delivery mechanism."

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