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Organ Harvesting: Haitian Edition

Haitian PM: Human Organs Are Being Trafficked In Aftermath Of Quake (VIDEO)

On CNN last night Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive talked to the network's Christiane Amanpour about the unsettling reality of trafficking of human organs from victims in the wake of the earthquake that struck a few weeks ago.

"A lot of organizations - they come and they say there were children on the streets," Bellerive said. "They are going to bring them to the States -- we have already reports of trafficking, even of organ trafficking."

AMANPOUR: And do you know for sure that children are being trafficked now?

BELLERIVE: There are children trafficking for children and adult persons, also. Because they need
all types of organs.

AMANPOUR: No, but I mean live children. Are they being trafficked now?

BELLERIVE: The reports I receive; yes.

Tags: children, haiti, human trafficking
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