ED (evildevil) wrote in ontd_political,

O RLY To Run For Office So She Can Sue Obama. Please, Send Moneyz!

Birther Queen Files 'Orly Taitz v. Barack Hussein Obama,' Says She's Mulling Run For Office

Orly Taitz, the dentist and lawyer whose birther lawsuits we've been following, filed a new suit in D.C. District Court Wednesday: Dr. Orly Taitz v. Barack Hussein Obama.

The suit, like Taitz's others, claims President Obama is not a U.S. citizen and demands his birth certificate.

It also alleges that Attorney General Eric Holder has ignored her allegations and calls to the Justice Department -- a "game of hide and seek," she says, that's "infantile at best and treasonous at worst."

Taitz also said on her blog this week that she is considering running for state office in California, either for attorney general or secretary of state, so she could sue Obama for his records.

"We don't need 50 secretaries of state or 50 Attorney Generals suing Obama. If only one sues and gets discovery, we are done," she wrote.

She also said she'd need $3,000 to $4,000 to start her campaign, and estimated a run would cost $100,000 in all. Taitz also said she'd need a campaign manager and volunteers.
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