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Doctors Arrested for Trying to Deliver Letter to Obama

Single Payer Docs Arrested Outside Baltimore Hotel While Obama Speaking to Republicans

by Russell Mokhiber


Two single payer doctors were arrested this morning outside the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel where President Obama was scheduled to speak to a retreat of House Republicans.

Dr. Margaret Flowers and Dr. Carol Paris were carrying a sign that said: Just Letting You Know: Medicare for All."

"We were on the hotel property holding our sign," Dr. Flowers said. "The Secret Service said we had to go across the street. We said we would go across the street if our letter was delivered to the President. The Secret Service said that wasn't possible. They said if we didn't go across the street we would be arrested. We refused to leave because we didn't want to continue to be excluded, marginalized and ignored. And they arrested us.'"

[Dr. Margaret Flowers and Dr. Carol Paris (Photo Credit: Bill Hughes)](Photo Credit: Bill Hughes)


I am proud there are some Doctors out there willing to stand up for Medicare for All in this fashion.

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