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Pres. Obama takes in Hoyas game, settles on 2nd career option

Obama's New Job: The Pres tells CBS Sportscaster to Watch Out 

Snow, schmow. President Barack Obama couldn't pass up the chance to see a college basketball game between two top 10 teams.

So he joined a sellout crowd to watch seventh-ranked Georgetown take on No. 8 Duke at the Verizon Center Saturday. And he wasn't just sitting in the stands watching the game either.

The president, attending the game as a fan, provided some hoops commentary early in the second half of Saturday's matchup of two top 10 teams at the Verizon Center near the White House.

Analyst Clark Kellogg asked if Obama -- when he wasn't busy running the country, of course -- would be interested in a different career someday. The President, not missing a beat, said Kellogg might have to watch out in three or seven years.

The president shook hands with several fans as he entered the arena. Vice President Joe Biden, White House senior adviser David Axelrod and White House spokesman Robert Gibbs also joined him at the game.

Through the early part of the game, the president -- a Columbia University graduate -- revealed no preference for either team. Obama's personal assistant, Reggie Love, played basketball at Duke and was also attending the game.

Security for the game was intensified, with fans having to pass through metal detectors, cars being searched as they entered the building's garage, and a large number of security agents in the arena.

New Additions:

Video!  POTUS gives the play-by-play around :30:

Source     ETA- if the video isn't working, watch it here.

ETA 2: Okay, I have to post this anecdote from the press pool report:
"In response to a call that was apparently unfavorable to the Georgetown University team, one of the shirtless fans tried starting a cheer unfit for a family newspaper. But just as it started to get off the ground, a second shirtless student -- no doubt a nerd -- scolded, "Dude, the President of the United States is right there!"

Which effectively killed that cheer." lawl

ETA 3: Pres. Obama's full 6-min. interview / play-by-play can be watched here
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