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Prop8 Q & A then some song and Dance.

ETA The last video inside is a musical about PROP 8 trial being censored and it's Awesome! It's produced by the same guys who did 3rd Rock from the Sun. btw.

Prop 8 trial: post testimony press conference.

Boutrous in particular discusses how the Supreme Court again and again has ruled that marriage is a fundamental right, letting even murderers behind bars to get married and people who are complete strangers.

Some further audio Q& A here


You Can’t Turn the Lights Off (! omg so cute!)

By Julia Rosen

A lot of people have been moved by the Prop 8 Trial and this little website. Count the actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (3rd Rock from the Sun and 500 Days of Summer) and his production company HitRECord among them. They were so inspired that they created this Schoolhouse Rock’ish animated video nearly overnight and premiered it at Sundance.


This post brought to you by the honorable gay gentleman Bertie Wooster and his Man for life Reginald Jeeves.

Tags: california, lgbtq / gender & sexual minorities, marriage equality, west virginia

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