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Post protesting-the-protest post.

This is not "news" in the strictest sense of the word. However, I left a comment on the post about the WBC counterprotesters the other day saying that the WBC was coming to picket the Jewish Community Center in Dallas and that my roommate and some of our friends were going to have an absurd counterprotest of our own... and people made me promise to post pictures, and I can't just go and let them down now can I? So mods, I hope you will approve this one for the lulz.

Protesters from Westboro Baptist church gathered on a sidewalk, wearing winter coats and carrying signs. Little girl standing slightly apart from them has a sign that says Jews Killed Jesus.
The WBC-ers couldn't actually protest in front of the JCC because it's private property, so they walked up and down the sidewalk that ran along side it with their signs. There were three or four police cars there to supervise them, as well as a reporter and photographer from the Dallas Observer (a local independent newspaper which is known more for its thinly-veiled "massage therapist" ads than its news content.)

Three protesters partially hidden by an old blue sedan driving by - a man, the little girl from the revious picture, and a younger boy carrying a sign that says Abortion Is Bloody Murder.
I am always sad to see that they have little kids with them.

A six-foot-tall guy wearing a hooded coat standing next to a shorter girl wearing a white overcoat, both carrying signs decorated with marker. The guys says God Gave Me This Sign superimposed on a rainbow, the girls has the word mmrwow? written in cursive above a drawing of a black and white cat and surrounded by multicolored scribbles. My roommate asked the cops if there was any reason we wouldn't be able to stay there with our signs. They were very nice to us and said there was no problem as long as we stayed on the sidewalk (which is public property) and didn't assault the WBC people or do anything else illegal. So we took up our posts on the opposite side of the street.

Five people standing on a sidewalk, holding signs.

We were joined by a man and a woman who had been following the WBC people around all day - she's the one in the middle with the neon orange "Religious Extremists" sign, and he put down his "Humanism Is Love Religion Is Intolerance" sign long enough to take some pictures of us. They belong to a local chapter of the American Atheists or some such group and were actually there to do a srs counterprotest, whereas we sang and danced and acted like fools.

(Our signs, starting with my roommate on the left, say "Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?"; "I Like Pie."; "Mmrow?"; and "Insert Witty Comment Here".)

The same five people in the previous picture, holding up signs.
The cops loved us. After the WBC people left (about ten minutes early) they got out of their cars and all came over to the corner where we were standing to tell us that we'd been really entertaining and that our signs were funny. It occurred to us that being a police escort to these people has to be one of the most boring and thankless jobs you could get as a cop, and I was glad that our pursuit of lulz had an unintended benefit for someone.

(Sign text, again from the left - "DERP."; "My Pokemans, Let Me Show You Them."; "Give Your Heart To Quetzelcoatl"; and the rest are the same as in the previous picture.)

So I suppose the lesson here is that if you decide to counterprotest the WBC, 1) don't bother trying to counter their message or engage them in any way, because they're so fucking nuts that even the most homophobic conservative doesn't take them seriously or want to be associated with them, and 2) be entertaining for the police escorts, because their job srsly sucks.

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