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Teacher filmed student having sex on school trip

Michael Clarkson was in charge of 29 pupils from one of the largest public schools in the country during a tennis trip to Portugal.

Following the incident, Clarkson, who is in his 30's, was sacked from his job at The Shrewsbury School, which was attended by Charles Darwin and famous Radio One DJ John Peel.

Yesterday he was banned from teaching for four years.

A General Teaching Council hearing heard how Clarkson organised the trip, in April 2006, and was the senior teacher among five other members of staff.

He failed to impose curfews on the pupils and allowed them to drink alcohol and stay out at a nightclub until after 4.30am.

On the final night of the trip, Clarkson allowed a 17-year-old male pupil use his hotel room to have sex with a girl he had met in the nightclub.

The pupil used Clarkson's room to have sex with the girl and then returned to the nightclub around 4.30 am.

When the pupil asked Clarkson if he could use the room for a second time, the teacher agreed and told the pupil to text him when he had finished and he would give the female a lift home.

During the second sex session, the teenager noticed a video camera was switched on and pointing at the bed.

He scrolled back through the footage and saw Clarkson setting up the camera and positioning it in the bedroom.

When confronted by the pupil, Clarkson apologised and claimed it was joke, but on their return the boy reported him.

West Mercia police and social services interviewed the boy but no charges were brought. Due to the age of the pupil, it was not regarded as a child protection issue.

Mike Tonks, a teacher at the school, carried out an investigation and found that inital curfew times had become later and later and on the final night, Friday April 12, 2006, there was no curfew at all.

He also concluded how the approach to alcohol during the trip was "relaxed" and very few formal rules were put in place for the pupils.

Clarkson, who did not attend the hearing, admitted allowing the pupil to use his room for sex and using a video camera to record the incident. He was dismissed in July 2006.

After finding Clarkson guilty of unacceptable professional conduct, Chair of the GTC Committee, Kirit Modi said: "This was an appalling failure of judgement and totally alien to the concept of pastoral care and supervision that is expected of teachers.

"Parents are entitled to to expect teachers to observe the essential boundaries which are needed between teacher and pupil. Mr Clarkson's behaviour crossed those boundaries in an unacceptable manner and left his pupils feeling vulnerable, confused and frightened."

The. Hell.
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