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After Obama Controversy, Weatherproof Picks Lincoln

Remember the Obama billboard controversy?

As it scrambles for a last-minute, New York metropolitan area commercial during Super Bowl XLIV, on WCBS-TV Feb. 7, publicity stunt artist Weatherproof has a few other tricks up its sleeve.

For one, Weatherproof Garment Co. is set to reprise its five-second, animated black-and-white TV commercial Sunday during the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards on CBS. “I’m only interested in marketing the name Weatherproof,” Freddie Stollmack, president of Weatherproof, said of the decision to trot out the supershort spot for a fourth time.

Or the name in association with the likeness of a U.S. president. Weatherproof is planning to mount a billboard in Las Vegas with a doctored portrait of President Abraham Lincoln “wearing” Weatherproof jacket style 2821 (and a stovepipe hat) while strolling past the White House, paired with the slogan: “Fit for a President.” The billboard is slated to go up on Las Vegas Boulevard near Mandalay Bay between Feb. 1 and 6 and to appear for 28 days, timed to coincide with the MAGIC fashion trade show.

This plan comes shortly after Weatherproof took down its Time Square billboard showing President Obama sporting a Weatherproof jacket, following a White House complaint that the image suggested Obama was hawking the jacket. Now there’s an image of Mount Rushmore up at 5 Times Square — with a Weatherproof logo imposed on it — paired with the brand’s “Fit for a President” claim.

I prefer Walter White over both of them


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