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Rich Canadian Proves That America Has The Best Health Care Money Can Buy! Solution: Stop Being Poor!

Conservatives Use Rich Canadian Politician’s Trip To Deny High Quality Care For Millions Of Americans

Danny Williams, the Premier of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador announced this morning that he is heading to the U.S. for heart surgery. The right wing, which often claims that Democrats wish to secretly transform America’s health care into a Canadian single-payer system, pounced on the news as proof that Canada’s system does not work. “Where will all our elitist overlords go,” American Thinkers’ Wesley Clark wrote about William’s trip to the U.S., when we “replace our best-in-the-world medical care system with a technologically second-rate and rationed system like Canada’s[?].”

Anti-health reform group Patients First — a project of Americans For Prosperity — cited Williams’ trip as a reason to oppose health care reform:

For the last nine months, we’ve fought against a government takeover of our health care not only because of its high cost but also its debilitating effect on the quality and accessibility of care to patients. Yesterday, we were given a reminder from fifty-nine-year-old Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams that this is the case in Canada where they have a single payer, government-run health care system…. The Premier’s upcoming trip underscores the brilliance of our system—something that hasn’t been emphasized enough lately. We have state-of-the-art facilities run by trained and caring professionals who quickly diagnose and treat health problems.
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