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Uganda rebuffs Obama on gay Bill

KAMPALA, Feb 4 - Uganda's ethics minister on Thursday dismissed virulent criticism of his country's proposed anti-gay law by US President Barack Obama and warned that any interference would be "unacceptable".

"Somebody should tell President Obama that the parliament is doing its legislative duty in the interest of the people of Uganda," James Nsaba Buturo, Ugandan minister of ethics and integrity, told AFP.

Obama described the Uganda bill as "odious" in remarks at the annual National Prayer Breakfast, a bipartisan gathering of lawmakers and religious leaders in Washington DC.

US presidents traditionally attend the event, but it sparked controversy this year because the Christian group that is a sponsor of the meeting has been linked to Uganda's much-criticised anti-homosexual legislation.

Buturo, one of the main Ugandan proponents of the bill which would further criminalise homosexuality and even gay rights advocacy, vowed that Ugandan MPs would not be swayed by US or any outside criticism.

"We cannot tell the Senate what to do. We cannot tell Congress what to do. So why do they feel that they can tell us what we should do in the interest of our people?" he asked.

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Tags: barack obama, homophobia, lgbtq / gender & sexual minorities, uganda

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