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Marvel backs down to Tea Party activists over Captain America comic depicting a right-wing protest.

In Captain America issue 602, the patriotic hero is investigating a right-wing anti-government militia group called “the Watchdogs.” Hoping to infiltrate the group, Captain America and his African-American sidekick, The Falcon, observe an all-white anti-tax protest from a rooftop. The Falcon tells Captain America, “I don’t exactly see a black man from Harlem fitting in with a bunch of angry white folks.” Captain America explains “that his plan entails sending The Falcon in among the group posing as an IRS agent under the thinking that a black government official will most certainly spark their anger.” The signs the protesters are carrying are “almost identical to those seen today in Tea Party rallies”:

After a “minor uproar ensued,” Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada apologized for what he called a “series of stupid mistakes.” He explained that under time pressure, they “looked on the net and started pulling slogans” from Tea Party signs that led to “accidentally identifying” one of the members of the protest group “as being a part of the Tea Party instead of a generic protest group.” But Tea Party Nation profiteer Judson Phillips was not satisfied, saying that “sounds less like a genuine ‘we’re sorry’ than it does a ‘we’re sorry we got caught‘ statement.” Crooks and Liars’ Logan Muphy comments, “I’m not sure why they apologized, as Captain America has always fought against the enemies of the United States.”


“sounds less like a genuine ‘we’re sorry’ than it does a ‘we’re sorry we got caught‘ statement.”
Rich coming from them.

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