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Man Infatuated With U.S. VP Breaches 2010 Security

A mentally ill man with a homemade security pass was able to get within metres of U.S. Vice President during a security breach at the Opening Ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, CTV News has learned.

As dozens of police held back thousands of protestors outside of BC Place in Vancouver, a 48-year-old British Columbia man slipped past several layers of security inside the venue, said RCMP Assistant Commissioner Bud Mercer, the head of the 2010 Integrated Security Unit (ISU).

Mercer said the man's target was clear.

"He had an infatuation with the US Vice President."

Biden was seated in a section reserved for dignitaries. Twelve steps away from the VP and out of view of the cameras, the man started making his way down the stairs after the national anthem ended.

That's when two female plainclothes Mounties charged with protecting Biden acted, Mercer said.

"They described him to me as simply not fitting in," he said.

"They approached him, determined that the accreditation he was carrying was forged or fake, confronted him and escorted him out one or two steps at which point he attempted to run and was taken into custody."

Mercer, who heads up the unit tasked with securing the Games, says members of his team were also providing security for the Vice President while he was in Vancouver taking in Olympic events.

Mercer says the man was not carrying a weapon and did not intend to harm Biden.

He had managed to get close to him with a homemade all-access pass.

A picture of the pass obtained by CTV News makes clear it had nothing to do with the Opening Ceremony and appears to be text printed off the internet and laminated.

Mercer says checking passes is the responsibility of the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee and event services on the outside of the venue.

In order to get into the stadium, the public first had to pass through a checkpoint manned by Vanoc staff.

Those people do not fall under the umbrella of the official billion dollar security team which involves thousands of police and military personal.

The man did encounter officers at the next checkpoint -- where he was scanned for potential weapons. But Mercer says police would have assumed his credentials were in order because he got past the first entry point.

He insists the security system did work -- eventually – and that the vice president was never in danger. Mercer said Biden's secret service staff complimented the two Mounties involved.

"I think the exact words were ‘job well done. Remind me not to mess with you,'" he said.

The RCMP says it has not made any changes to it security protocols because of the breech.

Police say the man will not face charges. He has been committed to a psychiatric facility for treatment.

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