devil_ad_vocate (devil_ad_vocate) wrote in ontd_political,

Texas Governors Race Rich In Comedy... and Truthers


Five senior campaign staffers for Texas Democrat Farouk Shami have resigned, citing "strategic differences" with other Shami aides. His campaign director, senior strategist, press secretary, communications director, and two other senior campaign officials quit after a series of press releases went out without the paid political professionals' authorization or knowledge.

Last week Shami made news with his statement that a conspiracy of government involvement in the 9/11 attacks was possible.

The hair-care magnate also made a remark about the racial mix of the employees at his Houston factory: "A majority of the people are going to be Hispanic and African-American. You don't find white people who are willing to work in factories. And our history proves you know lots of time when they, you know, the white people come to work in a factory they either want to be supervisors or they want to be, you know, paid more than the average person."

I trust he won't be wearing the PLO keffiyeh in any of his campaign stops.
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