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Architecture geeks unite!

Aqua Named 2009 Skyscraper of the Year

One of Chicago's newest skyscrapers has been named the best of 2009 by a German company that specializes in collecting and publishing data about buildings around the globe.

Aqua, an 82-story residential and commercial building in the 200 block of North Columbus Drive, was named by Emporis as the best new skyscraper for design and functionality.

"Members of the jury praised Aqua for its fascinating shape, whose appearance changes dramatically depending on the perspective. It was also cited as a brilliant technical achievement for the precision of its construction, and lauded as an application of green design innovations to an extremely large building project," Emporis said in a news release.

It's the 10th year the Emporis Skyscraper Award has been given out by the company, and only the third time the highest honor has gone to a building in the United States. The Sofitel New York Hotel won the inaugural award, followed by Hearst Tower seven years later.

Aqua was designed by Jeanne Gang, the founder of Studio Gang Architects. It was her first skyscraper project and the largest ever awarded to an American firm headed by a woman.

01. Aqua, Chicago

02. O-14, Dubai

03. The Met, Bangkok

04. Torres De Hércules, Los Barrios, Spain

05. Trump International Hotel & Tower, Chicago

06. The Red Apple, Rotterdam

07. Bank of America Tower, NYC

08. Almas Tower, Dubai

09. Millenium Tower, San Francisco

10. William Beaver House, NYC

what are your favorite buildings, ontd_p?

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