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World Nuts Daily Exclusive: Glenn Beck Replaced with Counterpart from Mirror Universe!

Evil Hippie Glenn Beck Promises To Turn America into an Environmentally Friendly Hell

Meet kinder, gentler Glenn Beck: New 'global warming' believer?
Finds common ground with George Clooney, his publicist is Democratic Party power player

While polls show more people drifting away from acceptance of "global warming," the newest superstar among conservatives – Glenn Beck – is embracing it, according to an interview story in a leading national Sunday newspaper magazine.

"You'd be an idiot not to notice the temperature change," he says.

He also thinks it could be caused partly by man's activity.

At home, he's going green by using energy-saving products.

"I'm willing to do anything but use the CFLs," he says of compact fluorescent light bulbs. "I put them in once and couldn't stand the way they lit up the room."

The kinder, gentler, greener and warmer side of Beck, known as a firebrand conservative,
came to light in an interview in USA Weekend, which is distributed through more than 600 newspapers.

Let them know what you really think. Get "Global Warming Is A Hoax" Magnetic/Easy-Off Adhesive Bumper Sticker

Beck also has lots of friends on the other side of the political spectrum, he reveals. He calls George Clooney "a good, honest man." Beck says the two of them had an extended conversation about the genocide in Darfur.

"We came to an immediate, completely wholehearted agreement about the situation," Beck says. "That is, to put aside the politics and give troops what they need to protect people over there. He's a good, honest man who believes passionately about doing something about it."
Beck's personal publicist, Matt Hiltzik, is a Democratic power player who helped get Hillary Rodham Clinton elected to the U.S. Senate, says the magazine report.

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