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Amy Bishop saved article about a similar '86 murder and get-away

Finger pointing heats up in Amy Bishop case/cases...

Could a newspaper article about two teens using a 12-gauge shotgun for murder and a car-jacking getaway in 1986 have put the seed of murder into a 20-year-old Amy Bishop's head?

Norfolk County District Attorney William Keating yesterday pointed to new evidence in the 1986 shooting death of Bishop's 18-year-old brother Seth -- a photograph of the scene in Bishop's Braintree bedroom the night of the shooting that shows a newspaper clipping next to shotgun shells -- signaling a prior intent and motive for murder.

The Boston Herald reported sources identifying the article as a November 1986 newspaper clipping about two teens who murdered the parents of a "Dallas" TV star at their Montana home. The two teens then stole a car from a dealership but were eventually caught.

What happened the day of the shooting and why Bishop was released is the source of much confusion, as the former Braintree police chief, John V. Polio, now in his eighties, denies that he ordered Bishop to be released into the custody of her parents.


-US attorney orders review of 1993 mailbombing case tied to Amy Bishop

The state's top federal prosecutor announced today that her office will review its investigation of the December 1993 attempted mail bombing of a Harvard Medical School professor, now that a woman once considered a suspect in the case is accused of killing three people during a shooting rampage at the University of Alabama at Huntsville.

US Attorney Carmen Ortiz, who was appointed to her post in November, said today in a statement that she has ordered a review to make sure that "all appropriate steps'' were taken at the time of the original investigation.

"While it would be inconsistent with our legal obligations to release all information related to this incident, we have commenced a thorough review of the information related to this incident to confirm that all appropriate steps were taken in that matter, and to determine whether information related to this incident may be of assistance to other law enforcement agencies,'' the statement said.


-Why wasn't Amy Bishop arrested in 1986?

In recent days retired Braintree Police Chief John Polio has been asked the same question again and again. Did you give the order to let Amy Bishop go -- free of any charges?

Polio: "I don't call anybody a liar, I don't point fingers, all I know is it didn't happen."

One of the officers who arrested Bishop that day back in 1986 tells a different story. Through his attorney, officer Ron Solimini says he brought Bishop back to the station to be booked.

But as the process go under way, Judith Bishop, Amy's mother, stormed into the police department demanding to see chief Polio. A short time later Solimini says, Chief Polio told the men to let Bishop go.

"I said two words, do it."

87-year-old Polio spoke to us Thursday afternoon from his Braintree home. He says it was all a misunderstanding. He insists when he said "do it," he meant turn the case over to State Police detectives, which is customary in this kind of shooting.

Video interview at the link.


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