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Breaking News: OCCC On Lock Down; Possible Gunman on Campus

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma City Community College is lock down after reports of a possible gunman on campus.

The school is being evacuated and was placed on lock down, Police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow. Police are on the campus searching for the possible gunman, Wardlow said.

A message on the school's Web site reads "There has been an incident on the OCCC campus. OKC police are investigating. The campus is on lockdown. Employees and students should not come to campus at this time."

Student Reggie Johnson said he is inside a classroom that is on lock down. He has heard that the shoot was near the campus library.

The Oklahoma City Community College campus is in southwest Oklahoma City near Interstate 240 and Interstate 44.


This is my old school and a good friend is there but she's okay. Still worried though.

ETA: it was just a miscommunication!
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