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Brazil baby dies 'as doctors fight'

OK, I'm not a person who is fond of litigation, but I think in situations like this, I'd be law suit happy.


A baby girl died following an alleged fight between doctors in a Brazilian hospital delivery room, reports say, prompting an investigation.

The doctors were removed by security staff after clashing over who should be responsible for the delivery in the city of Ivinhema, local media reported.

Another doctor was eventually able to help the 32-year-old woman but her baby was born dead, the reports said.

An official said it was not clear if the fight played a role in the death.

The incident took place in Ivinhema in Mato Grosso do Sul state.

The two doctors have since been sacked, the Agencia Estado news agency reported, and an investigation is being carried out by police and medical authorities.

The pregnant woman, Gislaine de Matos Rodrigues, was said to have asked the doctor who had been responsible for her pre-natal care to look after her during the birth.

But just after medication was given to induce the birth, another doctor arrived and was reported to have insisted that as he was on duty he should be responsible for the procedure.


Reports say the two men at first started to argue, and then to fight.

"It was a big fight. They ended up rolling around on the floor and my wife was screaming for them to stop," said the woman's husband, Gilberto Melo Cabreira, quoted by the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper.

He said security staff had to be called to remove the doctors.

One of the doctors confirmed to Globo TV that there was a fight in the delivery room, but blamed his colleague.

"I didn't get in a fight with him, he got into a fight with me," said Dr Sinomar Ricardo.

The station said it was unable to interview the second doctor.

According to Brazilian media, another member of staff was eventually able to help in an emergency caesarean section 90 minutes later, but the baby girl was born dead.

A death certificate is said to attribute the cause to a lack of oxygen, but a full post-mortem examination has yet to be completed.


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