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Mod Post: How about some goddamn civility.

Tl;dr Point: Stop being assholes.

It has gotten to the point where something needs to be said, we can all be decent people here. This may be on the internet and the anonymity makes you feel the need to go crazy and insult people, but have some goddamn respect for people.

Not cool: Calling someone a cunt.
Not cool: Calling someone a retard.
Not fucking cool: Calling someone sub-human for not agreeing with you.

Check your attitudes at the door people. We allow members to call out others when they say something and ask them to back up their beliefs, but have some goddamn respect for other people no matter how much you disagree with them.

Pro Tip: The first person to resort to school-yard name calling is usually the one in the weaker position. Don't be that guy.

Warning: We see you being a douche for no goddamn reason and you are banned. No warning because THIS is your warning. It is alright to disagree, and it is alright to do so strongly, it is NOT OKAY to start calling people names because somehow that makes your position that much stronger. Hint: It doesn't, and it just makes you look like an ass.

Take the fucking moral high-ground for once.
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