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Crossover voting in Texas elections + LATEST POLLS!

March 2nd is the date of the Texas Primary for Republicans and Democrats. Texas has a 'no party' system. What that means is that it desiginates people as Democrat or Republican based on how they vote in the Primaries. We do not register ourselves as republican or democrat our voting does.

So this makes for some mighty interesting things in an primary in which you might have a run-off with two candidates.

So are Democrats voting in Republican Primary to get a Hutchison/Perry run-off or did a LOT of Republicans vote in the Democrat 2008 Primary to screw things up?

Political Notes: Crossover voting in Travis County; Hutchison says Perry tactics have hurt her campaign
Published: 8:55 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2010


Travis County sees crossover voting

More than 1 in 4 Travis County residents who voted in the Republican primary during the first week of early voting also voted in the 2008 Democratic primary, according to figures from Democratic pollster Jeff Smith of Opinion Analysts Inc.

Almost 28 percent of the votes cast in the first week of the GOP primary came from those who took part in the 2008 primary election between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

John McCain had the Republican nomination nearly locked up at that point, so these aren't necessarily Democrats. If nothing else, they are Republican voters who have shown something of an independent streak. There might be a few Republican stalwarts who voted in the 2008 Democratic primary because they were trying to gum up the works, but numerous experts have said that happens pretty rarely.

Almost 22 percent of Travis County residents who voted in the 2006 gubernatorial primary voted in the 2008 presidential election. So that means that this year's electorate, so far, is a little more independent than those who went to the polls in 2006, when there was no big-name primary contest near the top of the statewide ballot.

So independents, maybe even left-leaning independents, are playing more in this year's Republican primary than usual. But what about Democrats? They also appear to be more engaged, though most are sticking to the Democratic primary.

Of this year's Republican primary turnout so far in Travis County, 7.5 percent of the voters cast a vote in the 2004 Democratic primary, and 35.1 percent cast a vote in the 2004 Republican primary.

In 2006, 3.3 percent of Republican primary voters had cast a vote in the 2004 Democratic primary, and 60.6 percent had cast a vote in the 2004 Republican primary.

By the time the 2004 presidential primary had come to Texas, we knew that George W. Bush would be the Republican nominee and John Kerry would be the Democratic nominee. So these weren't voters who were just going where the fight was.

If this trend holds up statewide, it could be good news for U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, who does better with moderates than conservatives and has better statewide approval ratings than Gov. Rick Perry.

Here is a good sign for Perry: 54.4 percent of the votes cast in Travis County so far have been by men. In the 2006 primary, men cast 50.9 percent of the votes in Travis County. Perry leads Hutchison among both men and women, according to a poll recently commissioned by the American-Statesman and other newspapers, but he does especially well among men.

— Jason Embry

Hutchison: Perry tactics hurt her bid

U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison said Tuesday that Gov. Rick Perry's relentless attacks on her as a Washington insider have hindered her gubernatorial campaign.

Trailing in the polls with less than a week before the Republican primary, Hutchison said in an interview with The Associated Press on her campaign bus Tuesday that Perry "definitely has made it more difficult for me."

Hutchison said she's been an effective senator for Texas but that Perry has tried to paint that success as a negative.

Campaigning in Justin, a town in North Texas where cowboy boots are made, Hutchison said she's always voted with Texas values. She says she's working hard to turn out grass-roots supporters to force Perry into a runoff.

— Associated Press
(hat tip: Burnt Orange Report)

Bill White Leading Money Race
by: Karl-Thomas Musselman
Thu Feb 25, 2010 at 05:01 PM CST
Courtesy of the Rick Perry vs The World blog which you really should go read and make a regular habit of doing so.

1.1M raised
8M spent
2.3M Cash on Hand
RIck Perry
850K raised
8.8M spent
2.5M CoH

Debra Medina
450K raised
228k spent
291K CoH

Bill White
2.2M raised
2.7M spent
5.4M CoH

Farouk Shami
1.1M raised
5M spent
1M CoH

The fact that Perry and Hutchison have blown through over $8 Million each of their warchests and all that's resulted in is Bill White improving in the head to head polls against both of them is wonderful on so many levels.

Bill White outraised every candidate in both parties. Bill White has more money on hand than every candidate in both parties.

If you didn't think it was a real race before folks, it is now. I can't wait until March 3rd.

Election 2010: Texas Governor
Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rasmussen polled the Texas Governor's primary and general election contest the other day. Not much movement, though White has gained in all 3 head to head matchups. Perry only leads White by 6 points, KBH only by 9 points, and White beats Medina by 10 points.

(hat tip: Burnt Orange Report)

I got into an interesting discussion with @JakeTapper on twitter earlier today (after he 'chewed me out' for loling at him asking Texas repugs for who they voted for. He didn't know about the crossover voting taking place. I wonder if it will effect his report tomorrow.

So Texas, who did you/will you vote for and why? I voted Democrat for Bill White.

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