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Bachmann Loves Libural ACORN Census!

Bachmann Demands Wingnuts on Her District To Be Counted Accurately 

Bachmann To Vote For Resolution Promoting Census After Leading Campaign To Smear It

This week, the House will vote on a resolution that encourages U.S. residents to participate in the U.S. Census and indicates support for designating March as Census Awareness Month. The resolution describes the Census as “safe, and easy to complete,” adding that “2010 Census data are strictly confidential and Federal law prevents the information from being shared with any entity.”

Surprisingly, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), who last year refused to complete her Census form and decried it as a tool that has been used to aid in the imprisonment of Americans, indicated that she will vote in favor of the resolution:
Bachmann communications director David Dziok explained to The Hill that the congresswoman recognizes the importance of Americans participating in the census.

“We are where we are right now in 2010, and she hopes the population is counted accurately as the resolution calls for,” Dziok said. …

“In the past she expressed concerns with certain groups like ACORN that were involved in the census … and the intrusiveness of the questions that have been added throughout the years, particularly on the American Community Survey. And to address some of those concerns, she introduced the Census Improvement Act to work toward fixing the census process going forward,” Dziok said.
As part of her Census fearmongering that began last year, Bachmann said she won’t trust the government with the new Census information because the Bureau was involving ACORN as a national partner. She claimed ACORN would be conducting the Census and that the organization would “assist with the recruitment of the 1.4 million temporary workers” counting residents. PolitiFact dubbed these claims as “pants on fire” lies. Moreover, ACORN has said they “will not have any role in collecting Census responses” and the Census Bureau said ACORN and other partner organizations will “have no role in the terms or conditions of employment beyond promotion of the availability of temporary jobs.”

According to Talking Points Memo, Bachmann may have been convinced to cease her attacks on the Census after The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the state’s largest newspaper, opined that Bachmann’s stance on the Census could contribute to the state losing a seat in the House. In that event, Bachmann would be at the mercy of the state legislature, which is controlled by Minnesota’s Democratic–Farmer–Labor party. They would likely carve up her 9th District, making re-election especially difficult for Bachmann.

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