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Local government fines lady $150.00 per day for painting colorful flowers on her garage.

HILLIARD, Ohio—A local artist faces fines of as much as $150 per day for a mural that city officials say violates zoning guidelines.

NBC 4 reported with the FAST FACTS.

Kelley Daniel painted what has become a controversial mural on the side of her garage in summer 2009.

Daniel said she first heard from Hilliard zoning officials late last year. Officials said her giant sunflower mural violates zoning codes.

City officials wrote a letter to Daniel Feb. 19, ordering her to remove the mural or face a fine of as much as $150 per day.

The city gave her until Monday, March 1, to remove it.

The mural remained on her garage Monday.

“Who would paint in 30-degree weather? The paint wouldn’t stick,“ Daniel said.

She also said she doesn’t agree with officials’ argument.

According to the letter sent by zoning officials, she allegedly has violated codes that say garage colors must match or be compatible with those of the house, exterior colors should be subdued and no more than two colors should be used on old Hilliard buildings.

“I don’t agree with what they’re saying—that I’m in violation,“ Daniel said. “There’s nothing in the code or the guidelines about murals.“

The letter said Daniel has until Thursday, March 11, to appeal. She said she plans to appeal.

Officials with the city of Hilliard maintained the mural is a code violation and said a hearing will be scheduled to discuss the matter with all parties involved.

Beyond that, officials weren’t commenting further.

If things don’t go her way, Daniel said she has two options: “My next step would either be to go to court or paint over it in two colors … I could paint a mural in two colors, but it might not be as nice.“
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