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Won't Nickelodeon Think Of The Children?!!

A national parents' organization is upset about a television show on a network traditionally devoted to children's programming, at a time young children may see it.

In cities across the country, the show called 'Glenn Martin DDS' about a traveling dentist, airs at eight in the evening on the Nickelodeon network. A recent episode shows the main character in Vegas, in a strip joint, where he's pole dancing to pay off a gambling debt. Other scenes are even more sexually explicit.

"They've had references to pornography, there's an ongoing story line about the family dog, which has an extraordinarily large anus," says Melissa Henson of the Parents Television Council. She's also the mother of 18-month old Josiah.

"If this is acceptable now," she says, "when my son is 7, 8, 9 years old, what kind of content are we going to be seeing on programs he may be asking to watch?"

Henson says Nickelodeon has billed the show as something the whole family can enjoy together.

"If your kid's watching Nickelodeon at 7:30pm, all of a sudden it's 8 o'clock and they're going to be seeing this kind of thing. It's really a bad fit I think for Nickelodeon," says Henson.

"This is a PSA for what NOT to do!" exclaimed Jeff Kogok, a Reston resident.

Others had the same reaction.

"This shouldn't air at 8 o'clock," said Tim Martin, of Falls Church. "There's exposure to a lot of things I don't even want to be exposed to!"

Added Kogok, "If I had a kid, I definitely would not approve."


From a ~capitalist~ perspective, Nickelodeon airing this show pre watershed will only end up hurting their bottom line.
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