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LIVE POST: House Debate & Vote

On C-SPAN right now.
Watch here:

Final vote coming in approx 4-5 hours at approximately 11 PM EST

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@AnandWrites (a New York Times writer) just made the #hcrplus tag, for idea-based discussion instead of name-calling.

News as it happens:

NBC news reporting BART STUPAK WILL VOTE YES (The Hill)
(meaning he probably got a deal, maybe a presidential executive order)

CNN reporting he is not a done deal yet. (Talking Points Memo)

Baird flips from No to YES (TPM)

TIME's Jay Newton-Small reports on Twitter: Protester #1 just got dragged from gallery. "You took an oath of office!" Protesters outside r encouraging folks to disrupt proceedings. Barney Frank: I'm appalled that GOP members were cheering someone who's disrupting, yelling "kill d bill" hatred outside & it's dangerous 2 encourage them inside where u get civilians trying drag the guy out of the gallery (Twitter) - thanks to danceprincess20

Rep. Earl Pomeroy will remain a YES -- was considered a possible flip (Twitter)

Stupak: There is no agreement, will not comment on possibility of an executive order. (TPM)

Cantor: Republicans will work to repeal & replace the bill with new reform. (TPM)

Democratic sources say Pelosi has the votes, but no agreed abortion deal. (TPM)

Oh the humanity: Stupak announces ANOTHER press conference (after cancelling his last two). Presumably will announce how he's voting. (Twitter)

Report: Stupak and the White House have finally struck a deal.
President Barack Obama would sign an executive order ensuring that no federal funding will go to pay for abortion under the health reform plans. In addition, Stupak will get to state his concerns about abortion funding in the bill during a colloquy on the House floor during the debate.

Stupaker Steve Driehaus: ""We've changed [our votes]." (The Hill)

Text of White House's executive order released. (The Atlantic)

Paul Ryan (R-eally likes charts): "They're gonna be able to pass this bill". (TPM)

Anthony Weiner faces the tea partiers. Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) took the trip out to the second floor balcony himself and came back visibly distraught. (Huffington Post)

Note: the vote is now projected to come at approx 11 PM EST. Even if that's off, there will be a second HCR post, so don't worry about filling this one.

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