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India tackles its census

India Census: World's Biggest Headcount Includes Attempt To Photograph, Fingerprint All Adults

NEW DELHI — India began counting its billion-plus population Thursday, with 2.5 million census-takers fanning out across the country to photograph and fingerprint citizens for a new a database that will be used to issue its first national identity cards.

President Pratibha Patil joined the start of the 11-month exercise at her pink sandstone palace, which became the first household to be listed in the first phase of the census known as "house-listing."

Over the next six months, census-takers, or "enumerators," will travel across more than 630,000 villages and over 5,000 cities in the country to visit every structure that serves as a home to put together the national database.
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I think the right-wing nuts here would throw an absolute shit fit at being photographed, fingerprinted, and given a national id card for every person who lives in the nation.

Btw, I heard on the news that there is a real movement in, I think it was Florida, to document all the homeless in efforts to get more aid for the area. This is actually being recommended by the census in order to give an accurate acount who lives where, even the homeless.
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