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Unabashed Heterophobe

We’re planing a Flashmob for Cameron

Dear Dave,

We know this is tough for you. Tony had it so easy. All he had to do was repeal Section 28, allow gay adoption and appoint the first openly gay cabinet ministers and everyone thought New Labour was god’s gift to gay rights.

You’ve not only had to overcome your party’s dodgy record, you’ve also struggled personally with the prejudices that made you vote in a pretty anti-gay way before you became leader. So big up for everything you’ve done so far to overcome homophobia in yourself and in your party.

But Chris Grayling and Berkshire B&B-gate really does make us doubt your homophile credentials. His comments were more stupid than offensive – surely he can tell the difference between inviting someone into your home and providing a commercial service?

It’s a cultural thing, it’s how they grew up. It’s sort of not their fault. And they deserve to be represented in our political system. But they really can’t pretend they’re in the majority anymore. They are literally a dying breed.

We know you need their support because they’re politically dependable, but they’re anything but shiny and new, so of course it’s going to be hard to keep them happy while rebranding the Conservative party as shiny and new.

You can’t be all things to all men, because that kind of makes you nothing. Either you’re the party of Section 28, or you’re the party of 20 gay candidates. Either Chris Grayling’s comments were acceptable, or they weren’t.

On Sunday we’re going to throw you a party where you can properly come out as a homophile or a homophobe. If you want to be in our gang, you need to dump Chris Grayling – he’s cramping your style.

If you’re actually a bit grossed out by men kissing and think that lesbians just need a good rogering from the right man, that’s ok too. We can tolerate that. We’ll be polite in public, we might even bring ourselves to shake your hand one day. It’s good that you’re being honest. But don’t expect us to vote for you.

Yours sincerely wishing you’re sincere,

Some gay people

The Big Gay Flashmob will be held this Sunday (April 11th) at 2pm, venue tbc.
the facebook event, follow the #DavesComingOutParty hashtag we’ll be using on twitter.

Source: Liberal Conspiracy

Tags: david cameron, lgbtq / gender & sexual minorities

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