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Ex-Disney Girl Defends Blackout-Sex Anthem

Like Erykah Badu last week, former Cheetah Girl Kiely Williams has sparked controversy with a music video. But this one may glamorize date rape.

That Williams used to be a Disney star (here she is looking fresh-faced in the Cheetah Girls's first movie) has only added to the furor over her very un-Disney song "Spectacular." For those of you having trouble deciphering the somewhat breathy lyrics, here's the chorus:

Last I remember I was face down
Ass up, clothes off, broke off, dozed off
Even though I'm not sure of his name
He could get it again if he wanted
Cause the sex was spectacular
The sex was spectacular
The sex was spectacular
The sex was spectacular

Williams also sings "What was I drinking, I can't believe I blacked out," and "I hope he used a rubber, or I'm a be in trouble, problem is I don't remember." As Amanda Hess of the Washington City Paper notes, the song is a little contradictory — how does she know the sex was so spectacular if "she doesn't remember the damn thing?" And isn't she (literally) singing the praises of a situation in which she couldn't have given consent? Hess asks,

How many pieces of popular music have to be written about how pushing booze on women until they vomit all over themselves and ultimately juuuust barely consent to having sex with you is sexy? Because these songs actually glamorize the behavior of rapists. And even if you're the elusive chick who happens to be into that, presenting this situation as "spectacular" is both a) not particularly interesting, as far as pop music is concerned, and b) harmful to all the women who wake up in that same situation and have a much different descriptor for the sex: "rape."

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