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More on the Coal Miners - prepare for tears/rage

Note for family among W.Va. mine victims' stories
By JOHN RABY, Associated Press Writer John Raby, Associated Press Writer – Fri Apr 9, 1:58 pm ET

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Coal miner Josh Napper had a sick feeling something wasn't right at his job, so he put his thoughts on paper, to those he loved the most before heading back to work.

It would be his last communication with them.

"If anything happens to me, I will be looking down from heaven," his handwritten note read.

The 25-year-old Napper left it with his family in southeast Ohio, where he commuted to on weekends. Napper was among 25 people killed in an explosion at a West Virginia mine.
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UPDATE: As of 1am Friday local time all four of the missing miners have been located. No one survived. It seems they were already dead from the blast on Monday. So no one suffered.

My heart is just breaking for that poor mother who told her son on Monday that his father died and then found out he was one of the missing miners. She had been holding out and praying that she wouldn't have to break his heart again.
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