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Small group of blowhards fail to get the "this war is over" memo

The Real IRA has admitted it was behind a car bomb which exploded outside the army base which houses MI5's Northern Ireland headquarters.

The blast came on the day that David Ford was elected as NI's Justice Minister, the first local politician to hold the job in 38 years.

It happened at about 0020 BST outside Palace Barracks, in Holywood, County Down. Police said no warning was given.

The bomb went off as the surrounding area was being evacuated.

An elderly man walking near the barracks at the time was treated for minor injuries.

The bomb was placed in a taxi, which had been hijacked in the Ligoniel area of north Belfast, about seven miles from Holywood, at about 2150 BST.

The driver was held hostage by three men for about two hours before being told to drive his taxi to the barracks.


Yes, well done there. Kidnap some terrified taxi driver, injure an old guy and put dozens of lives at risk. Purely because a piece of genuine political progress has happened in Northern Ireland and you weren't invited to the party. Good work living-in-the-past blowhards.
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