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Advocates carry handguns, rifles at Va. rally

Don Syfrett of Dallas, Ga., makes a phone call while demonstrating for first and second amendment rights at a 'Restore the Constitution' rally at Gravelly Point Park in Arlington, Va., Monday, April 19, 2010.

ARLINGTON, Va. – Carrying loaded pistols and unloaded rifles, dozens of gun-rights activists got as close as they could Monday to the nation's capital while still bearing arms and delivered what they said was a simple message: Don't tread on me.

Hundreds of like-minded but unarmed counterparts carried out a separate rally in the nation's capital.

The gun-carrying protesters in Virginia rallied on national park land, which is legal thanks to a new law signed by President Barack Obama that allows guns in national parks. Organizers said it's the first armed rally in a national park since the law passed.

The District of Columbia's strict gun laws, however, generally make it illegal to carry a handgun, so rally participants there were unarmed.

Daniel Almond, who organized the "Restore the Constitution" rally in Virginia, said he wanted to convene in a place where "we can exercise our rights." He pointed in the direction of Washington and said, "Over there, the Constitution is being violated in that we cannot bear arms."

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There's also a video at the source.

EDIT: Reuploaded the image to Bayimg because Tinypic took it down. ???
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