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K-Box in the Box

Attention religious liberals: This is relevant to your interests

Balloon Juice >> A Very Religious Open Thread
by John Cole

I learned today that saying you have no use for religion whatsoever really upsets people. I’ll have to say it more often, then - I have no use for religion, I have no use for religion, I have no use for religion. I couldn’t care less what others believe in, and I’m never going to tell you what to believe in, but apparently that courtesy can not be returned by even our religious liberal friends. I’d also like to repost what Aimai said:

You know what would be really great? If all the fantastic (and they are fantastic) liberal/left Christians would spend five minutes a day writing angry letters to the Christian right wing about how unchristian they are instead of complaining to atheists about how much bad press you all are getting from the overt bad actions of your co-religionists.
As I noted, the reaction from some of you when I said I have no use for religion was so bizarre, you’d think I was raping kids, gay-bashing, trying to force all taxpayers to fund student groups that gay bash, trying to deny vaccines that prevent cancer to girls because they might have sex, helping the spread of AIDS with idiotic anti-condom crusades and failed abstinence only nonsense, denying people the possibility of medical cures because I have some fetish about a semi-meiotic glob of cells, dictating what women can do with their vagina, trying to make people stupid by denying basic science, and so on. All I did was say I want no part in religion. I’m not even putting up a fight over the overwhelming religious influence on my government, because I like the days off at Christmas and Easter and it is nice to see the majority of the country at least pretending to be happy. I even like Christmas carols and Gospel music! And I’m not throwing stuff in people’s faces like PZ Myers and the communion biscuit stuff - but you should really look at the amount of in your face stuff you religious folks push on other people.

I’m not your enemy, and I realize a lot of people find deep meaning and solace in God and your respective religious institutions. I’m just not one of them, and I just want to be left the hell alone. I don’t care what you believe in until you try to force it on me through the government. Then I’m gonna fight back. And what’s more American than that? It’s almost like the very first amendment in our Bill of Rights states just that!

K-Box's editorial note: I think I'm going to repost these words every single time that religious liberals say stupid shit like, "Well, I WOULD support this attempt to bring the leadership of the Catholic Church to justice for sanctioning the molestation of hundreds of thousands of children, but because ATHEISTS like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens are ALSO supporting it, due to their AGENDA ..." because being an admittedly partisan attention-whore is apparently more morally offensive than MOLESTING CHILDREN.

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