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Should everyone be allowed to vote?

Voter turnout has declined every election since 1945. ‘Why not combat low turnout and apathy by making voting compulsory like in Brazil and Australia?’ That’s what I used to think. Then I watched our latest film for Yahoo! (below) and realised that a lot of people don’t have the faintest clue about politics and that letting any old punter loose in the voting booth may be a big mistake.

They invented democracy in Ancient Athens and knew how to handle it - only let the chosen few vote. They restricted the franchise to men who had completed their military service; I’m not saying that only old soldiers should qualify now, oh no, we would update the selection criteria to ensure that only people who know who their MP is and what ‘constituency’ means make it onto the electoral roll, disqualifying practically everybody on this video.

Put another way, let’s teach a bit more politics in schools, let’s have referendums, let’s have more democracy (not just every four years) and reconnect the people with the process, so that everyone knows politics and makes the (Athenian) cut.

We hope you enjoy the film, but we also hope it encourages you to take a look around this site to learn a little more about politics before 6th May. Oh and by the way, a constituency is explained here.


Summation: Yahoo "journalist" interviews randomers on the street about politics. THEY HAVEN'T A CLUE.

Personal favourite?

"Controversially, this man is standing in East Grinstead for the Conservative Party. *holds up picture of Gadaffi* What do you think about that?"

"I love the Conservative Party so whatever he's doing, that's good for me."

Sometimes, it's watching things like this that make me hate democracy. BENEVOLENT DICTATORSHIP FOR THE WIN!

(P.S. Re: tags. I'm aware this is more ignorance than stupidity, but all the same - RAGE.)
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