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Pregnant woman granted a stay of her deportation :D!

Marian Scott, Montreal Gazette

MONTREAL — A pregnant woman who was slated to be sent back to her native Guinea Tuesday morning has won a stay of her deportation.

Vic Toews, the public safety minister, made the announcement in the Commons during the daily question period.

Earlier in the day, Sayon Camara Sow was hiding in a car at Montreal's Trudeau Airport while her lawyer waged a desperate last-ditch battle to allow her to remain in Canada with her husband.

A lawyer for Camara Sow, 42, spent part of the morning before a Federal Court judge via conference call.

Had the appeal been rejected, two Canada Border Services Agents were at Trudeau waiting to escort the woman on an afternoon flight out of the country, back to Guinea where she was sold by her family into a forced marriage and assaulted by her former husband.

Camara Sow, who is 24 weeks pregnant, spent the weekend in immigration detention before being released by the Immigration and Refugee Board Monday on a promise to show up at Trudeau Tuesday.

She is diabetic and could be risking her health and that of her unborn child by leaving the country, her Montreal physician, Dr. Fanny Hersson-Edery, said Monday.

She had a miscarriage last year and is being followed at a high-risk pregnancy clinic at the Rosemont-Maisonneuve Hospital.

Earlier, Immigration authorities had rejected Camara Sow's bid to stay in Canada, on the grounds they doubted the legitimacy of her marriage in 2008, mainly because her husband spent several months seeking work in Alberta while she remained in Montreal.

Source (which also has a source for its source again)

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