The Analyzer (acmeeoy) wrote in ontd_political,
The Analyzer

Hugo Chavez to spread satanty socialism in 140 characters or less

In what could perhaps be described as a slight u-turn, Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan President and fierce critic of Twitter, has announced he intends to begin using the service.

"Comandante Chavez is going to open his Twitter account soon to wage the battle online," said Diosdado Cabello, head of the country's telecommunications regulator, according to Bloomberg.

"I'm sure he'll break records for numbers of followers," Cabello added.

The decision marks a change for Chavez, who in January of this year denounced the social networking platform as "terrorism".

Exactly what caused him to change his mind is unclear, though it is possible he may have seen HuffPost's photo slideshow of other world leaders who tweet.

Chavez may be disappointed, however, when he discovers his user name is already taken.

Tags: hugo chavez, internet/net neutrality/piracy, latin america, lulz, twitter, venezuela
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