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Queen of Mordor

Laura Bush tells Oprah about her 'guilt'

Laura Bush talks about her new memoir tomorrow on The Oprah Winfrey Show and opens up about the guilt she has carried around every since she was 17 and hit and killed a young man in a car accident.

"For a long time my mother sort of went through: what if they hadn't moved into that last house that daddy built and I'd gone to the other high school in Midland. ... Then maybe it wouldn't have happened," says Laura Bush. "And I learned then that, you know, what if's are futile. That what happens is what happened. And there are things that happen that you can't control, that you can't change as much as you would want to. Ever."

When Oprah asks if she still carried the guilt, the former first lady replies, "Yeah, sure, of course. I felt guilty for my whole life."

Look for USA TODAY's interview with Laura Bush later this week.

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