Unabashed Heterophobe (paulnolan) wrote in ontd_political,
Unabashed Heterophobe

Proportional representation for dummies... by John Cleese

An SDP/Liberal alliance broadcast from 1987.

So it took the New Yorker to remind us of a famous party political broadcast, shown 23 years ago, that may prove helpful today. Here's ex-Python John Cleese explaining the inequity of first past the post and the benefits of proportional representation in a 1987 election broadcast.

In the previous election the SDP/Liberal alliance gained a 26 per cent share of the votes which in turn translated into just 23 seats. Or, as he notes:

It took 40,000 voters to elect a Labour MP, only 33,000 to elect a Conservative and it took ten times that number - 340,000 voters - to elect one Social Democrat or Liberal MP.

Source: New Statesman
Tags: elections, history, uk

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