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Conservative MP Implicated in Morgage Fraud

The Conservative government is dismissing comparisons between a Calgary MP's alleged involvement in a mortgage fraud scheme and allegations facing former Tory cabinet minister Helena Guergis.

And the Conservatives are raising questions about a Liberal MP's work for a Toronto law firm, saying a description of his activities on the firm's website constitutes lobbying.

During Thursday's question period, NDP Leader Jack Layton asked why Prime Minister Stephen Harper didn't kick Calgary Northeast MP Devinder Shory out of the Conservative caucus and call in the RCMP, as he did with Guergis last month when unspecified allegations emerged about her conduct.

Responding for the Conservatives, House leader Jay Hill called it a "personal, civil matter" that "has nothing to do with the business of Government of Canada."

A lawsuit filed by the Bank of Montreal names Shory, along with hundreds of other Albertans. Court documents obtained by CBC News allege Shory, a lawyer, executed legal transactions that misrepresented the true owner of at least five Calgary properties. The allegations contained in the lawsuit have not been proven in court.

During his visit to the Netherlands on Thursday, Harper was asked about the Shory and Guergis allegations and said the cases are very different. He called Shory's case a civil matter that predated his time as an MP.

In a statement, Shory said he only learned about the lawsuit through the media and will vigorously defend himself against the allegations.

"I have done nothing wrong," he said.

Shory has not been removed from caucus, but was not seen in the House of Commons on Thursday.

Guergis resigned her junior cabinet post and was kicked her out of the Conservative caucus on April 9 after Harper learned of what he called "serious and credible" allegations against her. She is sitting as an Independent MP, but learned this week the Conservative Party will not allow her to run again as its candidate for the central Ontario riding of Simcoe-Grey.

In a letter to the Conservative Party made public Thursday, Guergis vowed to appeal the decision and insisted she be allowed to clear her name before being pushed aside.


The next MP in a scandal better Rob Anders. That would make my day.
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