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Just a few things:

[*] Don't delete posts, ever. If you need a post deleted (crappy html, double post, etc) ask a mod to do it, so we know why. If you've said something wank-tastic, own it. Defend it. If your mind is changed, say so. Don't delete it. You should not have made the comment if you aren't going to defend it. Deleting posts, or another's comments leads to instant perma-ban. There are no levels of banning, you delete a comment/post, you are gone. There is no 'lulz one warning, then we'll really ban you', no 'temp-ban', perma-ban. Everyone knows our policy on deleting comments/posts, you don't need a warning.

[*] Don't submit complaints directly to mods. Our info clearly states that you can E-mail us at, or post a comment on the open post in the mod community. We will no longer respond to complaints sent directly to mods.

[*] We are limited by user submissions. If you want more of a certain type of posts (ex. MOAR CANADA POSTS), you need to submit them. We aren't deleting posts you want for funsies. If there is a lack of posts about a topic, it is because NO ONE is submitting posts about that topic. Be the change you wish to see in the world...etc etc etc

[*] Hm... tag yo' shit and watch your sources.


EDIT: Requests for tags are not complaints, you can send those along as you please.
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