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Billboard Asks if Obama Voters Are Embarrassed


(May 7) -- A provocative billboard in a small Texas town is causing more than a few drivers to do a double take.

Located on Highway 59 in Marshall, the sign features a head shot of President Barack Obama along with the words, "Voted Obama? Embarrassed yet?"

As ABC affiliate KLTV reports, the only indication of who is responsible for the billboard can be found in its lower right-hand corner, where the words "Paid for by EM Citizen" appear.

But not all of Marshall's 29,000-plus citizens agree with EM's assessment of Obama.

"I think people are just too quick to judge," Roderick Martin told KLTV. "I mean, a president's term is not determined in the first year -- the first two years."

Annie King, another Marshall resident, told KLTV, "It really shouldn't matter and he will be in office for a while and people need to learn to respect him."

Using billboards to express displeasure with the Obama administration has become something of a trend in recent months. Earlier this year, a sign featuring a picture of George W. Bush along with the words "Miss me yet?" went up on a Minnesota highway, and another showing Ronald Reagan wearing a cowboy hat with the message "Remember real hope and change?" appeared in the same state.

A pro-business group called BillboardsAgainstObama.com has been shelling out between $2,500 and $3,500 a pop for billboard space in Atlanta and other cities, plastering a series of anti-Obama messages like "S.O.S. Stop Obama's socialism!" and "God is not a socialist!"

Obama is hardly the first president to face billboard criticism, and given that these larger-than-life expressions of free speech are protected by the First Amendment, he probably won't be the last, either.

One thing that irks me about this story is that the person who posted the billboard obviously won't fully own up to it. If you're going to make a statement like this and you're not brave enough to put your own name on it, are you really making a statement at all?

But what irks me most is in the video at the source. If the people interviewed were representative of the entire local community, then it seems to me that this guy's billboard could be taken offensively in a racial context as well.

And is it wrong that "God is not a socialist" made me giggle?
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